Thursday, June 30, 2016

ZZ Top - I Gotsta Get Paid

Band:  ZZ Top
Genre:  Texas Blues

Who loves covers that totally change the song to something new?  You freaking know I do.

ZZ Top took the song 25 Lighters and changed it into something wonderful and new that I actually didn't know was a cover until I found it in a list of "Worst cover songs of all time".  You know what they were saying about it though?  They were saying that a "bunch of old white guys all think it's a song about selling weed" because the writer seemed to know nothing much about ZZ Top's frontman, Billy Gibbons.

Billy G was once arrested for trying to shoot his girlfriend with a gun in his boot, ok?  But while he tried to pull it out he accidentally shot himself in the foot.  Well he get's himself to the hospital and as they're taking off the boot and a couple bags of heroin fall out.

These guys know what this song is about, no fear self hating article writer.

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