Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rhett & Link - What Women Want

Artists:  Rhett & Link ft Chester See and Kassem G
Genre:  Pop

This'll be the last YouTube post I'll make for a little bit.  There's so many different YT Musicians I could post that I'm gonna save for later, but I feel like this kinda has run it's course for now.

Rhett & Link are kinda like the "granddaddies of the internet".  They've started a lot of jokes and they've had 10 years so far to basically place themselves in the position of the gate keepers of YouTube.  They've done a freaking huge pile of things over the years from crappy local commercials, music videos, sketches, a daily show, and many many more.  Suffice it to say that they are well established in the YouTube community and probably one of the biggest names I've trotted out so far.

They don't do too many songs like this anymore but they have always put out really quality material and I can really respect that.  It's basically always good and that's hard to come by.

This is a really fun song that I'm sure nobody could object too, and it features the rather talented Chester See.  Not a huge fan personally, but he's got some really solid material as well.

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