Thursday, September 3, 2015

Let's Talk: 9-3-15

Hey guys.  Yes, I'm as tired as I look.  No, I'm not deathly greyish pale.  I'm not sure why, but my phone automatically washes out a lot of reds.  My hair is currently more vibrant than that, think brighter with black in it.  Less brown.

Also yes, as I write this I'm falling asleep on the floor at church waiting for practice to start.  Got a great spotify playlist going with a bunch of songs I enjoy going though, so that's nice.  I call it my "Enjoyable" list cause I enjoy all the songs.

That's all unimportant though, cause these posts are supposed to have interesting things that I want to brag about without bragging to people in real life.

It's been an eventful bit of time actually, I got a cool new project at work and I started on the sound team at a young adults group I'm a part of.  We meet every Tuesday and I'm gonna be doing it every other week or so I think.

The new project is a redesign of the break room, which promises to be really fun.  Got some sick ideas already, but I also have to convince the leadership team to be cool with it on Friday, so there's that.

So here's the song.

Artist:  Avicii
Song:  Wake Me Up
Genre:  Electro House, Folktronica

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