Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Betraying The Martyrs - Walk Away

*this band and post sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks.  At least I wish I was sponsored by them...

Band:  Betraying The Martyrs
Genre:  Deathcore

Stop.  Just listen to that sick intro riff.

Ok, moving on.

This is Deathcore group probably on par with Whitechapel, but not quite at the point of the next band I'll post.  The song is solid, they covered Let It Go, and all in all they're just good.

If you aren't enjoying this batch I appologize, it's just what I'm into currently.  It'll be done in one more day.


  1. It's easy to say metal is a fave of yours. This is new to me. Yes, I may be older however, I do keep up. Growing up on rock and live music just places me there. Love hearing and reading about your song a day posts.

    1. Yeah, metal is one that I do gravitate towards. I'm glad you enjoy my blog though, it means a lot to see you post here.