Sunday, February 1, 2015

Let's Talk 2-1-15

New thing we're gonna be doing.  At the beginning of each month unless circumstances make it impossible I'm gonna have a basic "normalish" blog post.  I'll talk about things that are gonna be happening here and such and stuff.

I'll still have a song attached to these kinds of posts, but it will be whatever I happen to want to post regardless of whether I posted the band within the last month or not.  Believe it or not I actually do have rules to how I make posts and stuff.

A: I'm gonna start embedding all videos cause I like the way they look on the blog better.  If you can give me a better reason to or not to, I'll listen.

2:  As you may have noticed from the last couple days miss posting pictures on G+, I am joining the A to Z Challenge during April.  I figure that since I post on the daily anyway it shouldn't be that hard to keep up with it.  Since I post every day though I will not be taking Sundays off as the challenge stipulates.  Instead they will be clearly labeled as a non alphabet related post and I'll put up whatever I feel like.

*  I've been reading in the comments recently and I see that a lot of you have been asking for......  Nothing.  There have been like zero comments.  I don't want to beg, but this does make me a little sad and I'd love to hear back from you guys about whether I'm doing a good job or not, ya know?  I read anything that comes up and I will reply to anything you send me, even if it's just to say something dumb.

Finally: I'm going to be doing more themed weeks as an excuse to post certain music in batches.  It'll be a great time up till I hit "Sudo-Symphonic-Blackened-Tech-Grind" week.

Side note, more freaking Nuclear Blast putting out good music.  Just throwing that out there.

Also Epica is a lot like Nightwish but with occasional harsh vocals, so if you liked them you like this as well.

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