Friday, January 16, 2015

Mushroomhead - Out Of My Mind

So funny thing about this song, the Vevo channel says it's called "Out Of My Head".  In the description they call it "Out Of My Mind" though, and everywhere else it's called the right thing.  I don't even know.

Also it turns out that Mushroomhead looks surprisingly good in Nazi-Esq uniforms.

You know, funny thing about the Nazi's uniforms.  They were designed by one Hugo Boss who also happens to be a rather famous clothing line now.  Go figure.

Edit 8pm:  You know what really irks me?  I almost got to see these guys live.  I. Was. This. Close.  I didn't cause it was the week I was out of town.  They played the day after I left and apparently had a really epic show.  My brother got to see them and he didn't even really listen to them till I he saw them live.  I am irked.

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