Saturday, April 15, 2017

A to Z 2K17: M is for Meshuggah

Band:  Meshuggah
Song:  Clockworks
Album:  The Violent Sleep Of Reason
Genre:  Djent, Progressive Metal

If you watched the film Wolf Of Wall Street, you might have seen 'ol Leo DiCaprio make a face similar to the singer of Meshuggah.  The singer being the dude in the middle.  Because of that there were a couple people who took one of the scenes of the movie and dubbed Meshuggah over it.  Twas funny.

For those of you more interested in facts about the band, here ya go then.

Meshuggah doesn't really do melody, they are a band that focuses on complex rhythm.  There's a lot to be said for that though, as they consistently manage to crush their way through everything with their insanely heavy sound.  They kinda do this thing where the drummer mostly plays in 4/4 time the rest of the band will play in a different time signature that floats around the drummer's beat.  It's a really cool musical element that not a lot of people try for and even less do well.

Honestly it's down even to the vocals.  The band has said that the vocals only exist as another rhythmic element, which is why they've sounded very much the same over the course of all of their albums.

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