Monday, April 3, 2017

A to Z 2K17: B is for Black Mask

Band:  Black Mask
Song:  Extinction
Album:  Lost Below
Genre:  Grindcore

Not as pleasant a song as letter A, I can at least reassure you that this song is only 55 seconds long.  I was gonna link to the music video, but I feel like I'd have had to tag an epilepsy warning because dang, that was a lot of flashing.

I really love Grind.  The songs are short and aggressive and as such can keep my attention.  Interestingly enough, I sometimes feel like the songs are almost too long, ya know?  Well, I'm sure most of you will feel that this song is far too long, but that's just how it is when I post songs people will hate.

I majorly feel that this is my favorite genre of music.  Sure, I listen to a lot of Rap and tamer Metal, but when it comes to what I like performing and such this is such a great style of music.  It's like a trainwreck.

Black Mask though, let's actually talk about them for a second.  They were a straight up amazing live show.  I saw them opening for some guys I ended up not really caring for, but hot dang, Black Mask brought the house down.  The set up on the floor of the house and the singer managed to belt out the song while also dancing around in the pit like a maniac.  So much energy was brought to the show at that point, so good.

Well then, Like, Comment, Share, the works.  Lemme know what you'd like to hear down the line, I can get some stuff after the A to Z is over as long as you stick around.

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