Monday, December 19, 2016

Weird Al Yankovic - Christmas At Ground Zero

Artist:  Weird Al Yankovic
Genre:  Comedy

You know what everybody needs this time of year?  Something to laugh at.  This is a little bit of a crazy time of year for anybody involved in ministry because it's one of the big two holidays.  My friend calls them Kreasters, my one pastor called the CEOs, but they both mean the same thing:  People who only show up to church on Christmas and Easter.

This, obviously enough, makes things stressful as we all work to see how we can get people to come to church year round instead of just at the one time of year.  The areas I work in are really heavily tied into this.

So yeah, let's pull in one of my favorite parody artists to lighten the mood, eh?

Weird Al's polka infused music has and always will be some of my favorite stuff to just laugh at.  The work he does to get the songs to sound the same as the originals is amazing and all of his originals are always funny.

Enjoy some off beat christmas music to step back with.

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