Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Beatallica - Hella Day For Holiday

Band:  Beatallica
Genre:  Holiday, Parody
Language:  Maybe?  It's hard to understand.

Beatallica is a bit of a special thing.  Realistically there's a very low chance of something like a Beatles / Metallica band to work out, but these guys manage to make it work out really well.  The weird blend the get going on is rather beautiful and even though their newer album we a little Metallica heavy it's all good.  Mostly because the singer Jaymz manages to do a knockout impression of old school James Hetfield vocals.

But this is a Christmas album and shall be treated with the same indifference that most Christmas albums from non-Christmas bands should be treated with.  Contempt.  Not really, but it's a basic fact that most Christmas albums are of lower quality than regular stuff.

This is funny though, so I suppose I can get over my prejudice.

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