Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Foo Fighters - Rope

Band:  Foo Fighters
Genre:  Alternative Rock

I rather like this song's intro.  The way it starts didn't lead me to believe the song's chorus would sound like it did but I'm mostly ok with it.  It's honestly one of my favorite songs that I've heard from Foo Fighters because of it.  It's not as generic as I tend to expect a lot of their stuff to be, which I suppose doesn't say much of my opinion of them, but that's fine.

Honestly Dave Grohl, talented though he is, is mostly a sort of joke, ya know?  He's great at what he does, but all the quotes and things credited to him, and things like that have made it hard for me to actually listen to him.  He talks a huge game about "Rock" and stuff, but at the same time he's all boring as hell.  His music is predictable almost all the time, so what does that say about his comments about the state of modern music?  He's part of the problem too honestly.

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