Saturday, December 17, 2016

Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane

Group:  Infected Mushroom
Genre:  Psychedelic Trance

You know what's really annoying?  No matter what I do with this blog I will never be able to top the weird success of this post.  As of right now it has about 1173 views which is straight up annoying.  There's a very good reason behind that though, the song I posted is apparently impossible to find.  It's blocked on YouTube for copyright reasons and it's not on most streaming services.  Basically if you don't have the CD it was on like I do you can't find it.  Side note, the album is fantastic, I'd advise checking it out.

I managed to find some foreign streaming site that I got the song on my blog from, but apparently other people are not so inclined to look for it.  As such my blog is actually the number one result for searching for Primus playing Nativity In Black.  I'm like, 100% sure it's not getting me new followers either, which is the main annoyance for me.  That post is forever skewing my stats for nothing.

But that's ok, it'll eventually raise me up in Google's search systems because of attention like that, right?

Here's an electronic group called Infected Mushroom.  They have nothing at all to do with the little rant I just made, I just love their album art.  And the acoustic guitar intro is kinda cool as well, it's a nifty offset to what the rest of the music turns into.

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