Sunday, October 30, 2016

Watain - Reaping Death

Band:  Watain
Genre:  Black Metal
Language:  Strong

Hey hey, here we go, baddest band of the week.

I know you may be wondering how on earth we could step up from the literal bloodbath that was Gorgoroth.  Well the simple fact is that these guys are serious about what the preach.  And Watain douses people in blood too.

Gaahl of Gorgoroth for example isn't actually a full blown satanist, he just talks a big game; in his philosophy he is his own god and devil.

Watain formed initially because they were sick of people diluting the message of hate they felt Black Metal represented.  At the same time they hold a great deal of distaste to the National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM) movement calling them a joke that is "unable to comprehend the perversion and insanity of Black Metal" by limiting themselves to Nazi philosophy.

To make this point clear to you, lemme tell you what the singer of the group believes.  Erik Dannielsson is under the firm belief that all the members of the band need to have the same belief system, that belief being Satanism.  Now there's a lot of different types of Satanism though, and most of them don't even believe in the Devil as a being, he's more of an ideology. (see LaVeyan Satanism 1 and 2)
But Watain want's to make sure you don't get the wrong impression of them. They are Devil Worshipers following the path of the Misanthropic Luciferian Order who are basically the group that you think of when you think of Satanists.  This is the group that actually kills goats and sometimes people.  Mostly it's just a cult, but just because a bad thing is small doesn't mean it's not still terrible.

But hey, getting a glimpse at nasty things is what Halloween is about, right?  Also that blood I mentioned earlier?  It's apparently a little difficult to pin down where they obtain it.  Rumor has it that they come by it by less than legal means (read: killing animals to harvest it), but it's not exactly provable.

The worst part is that I honestly really love how this song sounds, it's a really well written piece musically.  If only they didn't sing about murdering...  Everybody.  No, really, the lyric says Cain! Cain! By thy blade let all god's men be slain!  Charming.

Just in case I have any family or my boss from church reading this post I wanna clarify, I don't listen to these guys.  As good as they sound I have a fundamental opposition to their message, so don't worry, haha.

Cheers, tomorrow will be happier.

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