Saturday, October 29, 2016

Gorgoroth - Carving A Giant

Band:  Gorgoroth
Genre:  Black Metal
Language:  Strong

So as we get closer and closer to Halloween I figure we can ramp up significantly more than the last few days.

Here is Gorgoroth.

Named after the mythology created by J.R.R. Tolkien, Gorgoroth is one of the hardest hitting Black Metal acts out there.  As far as this week goes they are one of the more "evil" bands we're gonna come across since they actually do terrible things on a regular basis.  Sure Varg of Burzum is a nasty racist piece of trash, but his hatred has managed to get him silenced some places and has banned him from freaking France.  Gorgoroth still tours all over the place with some of the most messed up stage shows I've seen.

This song is off of the last album released with vocalist Gaahl, who, if you follow the show, recently helped with the soundtrack for Vikings.  I don't watch it, I just happened to hear about it since it was news in the Metal community.

Music video wise these guys are a little intense.  I'll link it here, but due to the excessive content in the video I'm gonna let you check it out yourself if you feel like it.  It contains footage from a show that almost got them banned from Poland though.  Blood, actual sheep heads on spears, and 6 crucifictions to be exact.

Here's just the music, enjoy!

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