Monday, October 17, 2016

Dream Theater - Caught In A Web

Band:  Dream Theater
Genre:  Progressive Metal

Ok, let's start this out with my trash talking and then we can wrap up with compliments.

Prog is the most pretentious form of music.  There are no Prog bands that aren't at least a little annoyingly pretentious.  That's not to say that individual members of the bands might not be ok, but as a whole they have that rep, aight?

Secondly, who the hell does this singer think he is just walking up and throwing down with the rest of these guys.  For real, he drives me crazy.  All of the musicians in the band are straight up fantastic and he's a base level good vocalist.  Maybe he contributes to the writing of the music, but I kinda feel like he doesn't.

Ok, that's all my complaints here.

Now let's talk about somebody who I feel doesn't get enough credit.  The bassist.

Everybody talks about Petrucci who is a god level guitarist.  In the Prog community you'd be hard pressed to not hear somebody talk about Jordan Rudess who can keep up with Petrucci, but on the keyboards.  What about freaking Mike Portnoy, the really annoyingly pretentious cause he's amazing drummer?  We all hear about them when everyone talks about the band.

But I never really hear about the bassist John Myung.  Now maybe I'm just out of the loop here, but I feel like a lot of people kinda overlook him.  He may not really take any solos in the band (in the songs I've heard at least) but he can keep up with 3 absolutely jaw dropping musicians without sounding like he's trying really hard.

Or maybe I'm way off mark, but this is always the impression I've gotten.

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