Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mayhem - Chainsaw Gutsf*ck

Band:  Mayhem
Genre:  Black Metal
Language:  Strong

Let's step up the game now with some of the founding fathers of Black Metal, Mayhem.

Taking cues from the band Venom these guys decided to make the most extreme music they possibly could.  Congrats guys, you made Mayhem.

I'm gonna tell you a story about these guys.  Not gonna tell you about how their singer shot his face off, not gonna tell you about how their bassist stabbed their guitarist 23 times, nothing like that.

I'm gonna tell you about their interactions with a Jewish Black Metal band, Salem.

Salem was doing things that Euronymous, the guitarist, really enjoyed.  You know who didn't like them?  Varg, antisemitic church burning aryan hero.  Here's the gist of went down.

Mayhem:  Hey, you  guys are pretty great, too bad you're a bunch of jews.
Salem:  F*ck you
Mayhem:  *sends a bomb*

Here you go, a wonderfully trash song that hearkens to the early days of Black Metal.

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