Friday, October 21, 2016

Converge - Homewrecker

Band:  Converge
Genre:  Grindcore

Welcome to the music you didn't know you'd head before, Grindcore.

Now I know what you're thinking, "Noah, you're stupid; this can't possible be music, it's just trash."

Well I can't argue that a lot of this is just noise, but don't leave just yet.

There's a lot of aspects about Grindcore that's just a lot of noise.  Bands like Wormrot and Insect Warfare can be rather noise based with an emphasis on speed and whatnot, but there are a couple Grind acts that manage to swing having some rhythm to their sound as well.  Also most Grind bands keep their songs under 2 minutes which is really different.

Maybe not this Converge song, but they have a lot of elements like that in addition to Agoraphobic Nosebleed and others.  I'm posting this song cause I happen to be in love with it right now.

Now I'm sure you're waiting for me to get to the point I was making before about how you might not have known you've heard this style before.  Well it's actually kinda funny.


Movies try to keep budget low when possible, right?  Well one really successful way of doing that is keeping the licensed music you use to a minimum.  Let's say you need a really specific sound to make people understand that the neighbor kid is a bad influence?  Well you need Metal music for that, good people don't listen to that trash, right?

Well nothing sounds more like trashy noise to people that don't listen to Metal quite in the same way that Grindcore does.  It has a chaotic sound to it that helps people immediately make assumptions.  And because I don't think I know of a single Grindcore band that get's legit attention their songs are usually cheap; hence movie's using them here and there.

Fun fact of the day for ya.  Also most Grind bands put on fantastic shows.  I saw Black Mask last year and it was a really good show.  They set up on the floor in front of the stage and where right in the middle of thinfs with everybody there.  Solid time.

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