Sunday, April 17, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Runner Up: Ghost B.C.

Band:  Ghost B.C. (Ghost)
Genre:  Metal

Did you ever watch Lawrence Welk on tv?  The Polka King of the Midwest?

I don't suppose you ever wondered what it would look like if they had taken a Metal band a put them up there, did you?

Well you're in luck, because this is exactly what it would have looked like.

Ghost is an absolutely wonderful band, really.  They've got the whole costumed thing down even better that guys like Slipknot and the like because they live this too.  They have elaborate personas that they take up when they are in costume that it's honestly impressive to think their families don't know who they are for the most part.

For real, they keep the fact that they do this secret from friends and extended family.  That's what I call devotion.

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