Sunday, February 14, 2016

Twenty One Pilots - HeavyDirtySoul

Band:  Twenty One Pilots
Genre:  Alternative Hip Hop

Yeah, gotta love these guys.  Basically the biggest thing to hit music in the last couple years actually, they've really blown up the airwaves for quite a while now.

They've got a really interesting sound honestly, they rap, they sing, they scream, they have timpanys, they have ukuleles, they have anything you can think of basically.  I dunno, they aren't too bad really.

As far as my exposure to them goes I got introduced to them while I was talking to a guy about Metal bands.  He had just found these guys and was all like "Dude, this is the best music you'll ever hear!"  Only issue is that, since we were talking about Metal bands at the time, I really didn't like them at all.

You know what though?  Check them out, they're good.

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