Friday, February 26, 2016

Lamb Of God - Laid To Rest

Band:  Lamb Of God
Genre:  Groove Metal, Metalcore, Thrash Metal
Language:  Strong (censored)

And at long last we finally get to the last band of my top 10 list.

Like I said before, this list was in no particular order which is why there were some of the heavier bands earlier in the list as well as later on.  I didn't really want to rate them all like that, but if you want me to I can link to a Spotify playlist with them in what I would consider to be a decently good order.

I didn't know if I would include these guys on my list or not honestly because while they're heavy enough, I feel like a lot of people don't think of them that way.  They don't tune low so they can't cheat that way, and they don't play slow to create the impression of heaviness there either.

But despite these facts I added them because they qualify, in my opinion, to be on this list.

Listen to the breakdown in this song.  It's one note.  Just one note repeated for like 20 seconds or whatever.  Most times I would say that that's a really boring breakdown (like this) but these guys manage to not only pull it off, but keep the rest of their material to the same level.

I also absolutely love Randy Blythe's vocal work.  He's a freaking beast and a huge inspiration to me.  I know I'm not likely to ever be able to sound like him, but it's a goal anyway.

Enjoy the last song of the Top 10 Heaviest list, Laid To Rest.

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