Friday, August 14, 2015

Jared Dines - But Does It Djent?

Artist:  Jared Dines
Genre:  Djent, Deathcore
Language:  Some, Strong

Jared Dines is a guy from YouTube who sometimes makes Deathcore and Djent songs, but mostly just makes videos about the different types of musicians.  This guy is really talented, he can play drums, bass, guitar, and can scream.  I'd advise checking out his channel, just cause it's pretty funny.

This song is about people putting too much store in whether a guitar can "djent" or not.  It's a joke you're more likely to get if that's the kind of music you're into, but it's still amusing.  Read the lyrics as they pop up, it might help?

"play nothing but Os" refers to playing the lowest 2 or 3 strings in a tuning that makes them a chord.  There are bands that play entire songs that are made of one chord played in various beats.

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