Saturday, August 8, 2015

Capital Lights - Mile Away

Band:  Capital Lights
Genre:  Pop Punk

For the longest time I didn't know anybody who had heard of these guys.  I'd say it was at least 3 years before I found somebody who had heard of them before actually.

Then I started at my current job.

One night I had my iPod playing and this song came on.  My new coworker Dan said "Hey, I love these guys, I didn't know anybody here listened to them!"  It was a fun moment cause I hadn't had anybody actually like the music I played yet.

About 2 weeks later the same song was on and my then coworker now friend Kelsey recognized it too.  Turns out I just had really musically sheltered friends cause later on Dan
s brother Brian joined us for a few months and Capital Lights was a band he played from time to time.

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