Thursday, August 27, 2015

Album Review: Ghost - Meliora

Band:  Ghost / Ghost B.C.
Album:  Meliora
Total Tracks:  10
Release Date:  August 21st, 2015
Genre:  Rock, Metal
Language:  Some tracks
Themes:  Satan

First, let's all be happy for Ghost that they finally get to drop the "BC" tag.  They've apparently hated it for ages and they got to dump it, so good for them.

Now I know I literally just said that I was gonna be focusing on other music for a while, but I was actually planning on doing this review.  Issue was it was released while I really distracted so I missed it.  Now lets get onto the review.

My main impression is their music is like Deep Purple, but haunted.  I don't really know what I mean by that, but if you're familiar with Deep Purples sound you'll kinda get what I mean.

That bass solo and riff in From The Pinnacle To The Pit is really good.  Like, the line itself, the tone, it's all really good.  Then the guitar solo kicks in and it ties together as one of my favorite intros on the entire album.

The whole thing is a well put together act with their traditional prominent bass parts and general horror/religious theme.  They've got a "new" singer who is "younger and more powerful" than Papa Emeritus II, but in reality is the same singer.  It's an amusing trend they have actually.  With each album they get a "new" singer who is just the same guy with a new makeup job.

I was actually really surprised the first time I heard them.  I was expecting super heavy dark music and it was like, pop metal.  Not quite Linkn Park level, but still different then I thought it would be.  This album sounds a lot more like what I had original assumed they would sound like.

All of the tracks are really good, so pick a spot and listen.  I'd advise From The Pinnacle To The Pit, Cirice, Mummy Dust, Majesty, Absolution or Deus In Absentia.

Heck, the whole album is only 41 minutes.  Listening to the whole thing won't even take that much of your day.  Definitely listen to From The Pinnacle To The Pit or Cirice though, they're really good.

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