Wednesday, March 4, 2015

DJ Kahled - All I Do Is Win

Freaking 2 days in a row...  I'm very sorry guys, I promise I'll have it on time tomorrow.  I actually have an evening to myself so I'll be able to commit to do things like write blog posts.

So recently I asked my friends for recommendations for my pump up playlist.  I already had like8 to 10 songs on it, but I wanted to be able to get a good shuffle going without it always being the same, ya know?

I got very few recommendations from anybody however.  1 song that made my rap list, and another that didn't quite fit.  But the there was also this song.  It's very cheesy in it's pump up aspect, but it does serve the purpose of providing music that I vaguely enjoy that has a strong beat and has a bit of an emotional response.

I also like T-Pain, Ludacris, and Snoop Dogg, so this song is kinda cool cause of that.

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