Monday, February 20, 2017

Cover Week: Otep - Royals

Artist:  Otep
Genre:  Nu-Metal

I don't mean to take away from the original when I say I like this version a lot more.  I do believe that Lorde makes fantastic music, but I'm going to say I like this song a little better.

There's an edge to this one that simply doesn't exist in the original.  The chorus just kills me everytime I listen to it, the way it kicks in with the screaming and growling guitars just makes me really happy.

As a general rule I don't mind Otep's music at all since she's a female Metal vocalist that goes down the harsh path rather than a prettier way that people seem to typically go.  And not just screaming, cause there's plenty of high screaming Metal chicks out there, but she goes with a growling edge too.  It's just a rather good song because of it.

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