Friday, February 3, 2017

Fit For An Autopsy - Heads Will Hang

Band:  Fit For An Autopsy
Genre:  Deathcore

Nothing's more fun than a new single to get you interested in a band, am I right?

When I saw these guys live I'll admit I wasn't super impressed by them.  They felt a little generic at the time, but as I've listened to them more I've decided they fall right into the line of generic that I like a lot.

After such a questionable release from Suicide Silence with single Doris, really all anybody would have to do to do well in the Deathcore scene was stay in their traditional sound and don't vary too much.  And deffinetly stay away from anythign that sounds like clean vocals.

Autopsy was just like "Nah man, let's get creative with this song" and not only did they have a really nice riff that they grooved out on over the course of the song, they did the unthinkable.  They added clean vocals to the chorus.

Now this isn't exactly a new move for them, they really do quite well with the subtle style of burying their cleans under a mountain of screaming.  In the wake of Doris however, I feel like this was a bold move of sorts.  It really fits though, because they already know how to do it.  They already know how to do it, so they effortlessly slid it in.

Song wise this is a solid release from Fit For An Autopsy.  It managed to reignite my interest in them as a group and I've been listening to their album Absolute hope, Absolute Hell on repeat all afternoon.  I look forward to hearing what else these guys come out with in their upcoming album The Great Collapse, which will premier on March 17th.

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