Monday, February 13, 2017

Nirvana - Come As You Are

Band:  Nirvana
Genre:  Grunge

Oh man, look at me.  I like a popular grunge song and I'm in the year 2017, I'm so cool and edgy.

Basically every comment under your typical Nirvana video.  I honestly don't get why people post stuff like that.  Like, if people want to like pop music then let them.  Every song made before the year 2000 seems to have some sort of weird base of people who all claim to be under the age of 14 telling the world that they love music that isn't part of the top 40s list.

I get it, a lot of Rock classics haven't been put out since then, but to be totally honest, the Classic Rock sound just doesn't sell anymore.  The majority of people, while they may like a lot of the old bands, would be incredibly frustrated if all music stayed the same like that.  New music is basically the best thing you can get, ya know?

Not to say older Rock music is bad.  Not that this is an excessively old song either honestly, but since it's a couple years older than I am and that means it's old by music standards.  Sorry literally everybody older than me, I don't mean to imply you're old, just that music ages much more quickly than you do.

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