Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Prevail - Lifelines

Band:  I Prevail
Genre:  Metalcore, Post Hardcore
Language:  Strong

Of the many musical weaknesses I have, decent Metalcore and Hardcore are definitely up there.  I never actually look for it, but then I either find it by accident or somebody as me listen to it.

We have this one delivery guy who none of us are sure how to feel about.  He's nice enough, but he's like, always too talkative.  We mostly want him to just bring our produce and get out, but he does like to talk a lot.  The other day he came in and totally ignored me talking for a moment and when he took out his earbud and acknowledged I was talking he told me about this band.

You know what though?  It wasn't like it was too bad, I was introduced to a decent band and got to get distracted from work for a few minutes.  Good times.

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