Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days

Band:  Soundgarden
Genre:  Grunge

This one goes out to my coworker Ron.  Ron doesn't listen to this kind of music anymore, but back in the day he was a gigantic fan of 90s Grunge.

I say 90s Grunge like it ever really existed outside of that time.  The bands may still be around, they might still be putting out music, but Grunge is gone.  I'm sorry, it's just time to accept that.  It's nice music generally, but the era has passed.

People complain that "good music" has died when anything electronic entered the picture, but I'm gonna have to call BS on that.  There are a lot of good bands that are still out there.  Just cause you don't like what gets played on the radio doesn't mean you're right and and anybody who wants to listen to modern music is stupid.

The Beatles were "just a fad" and "garbage music" once too, remember that.

Today's trash is tomorrow's nostalgia.

Quit trashing everything that comes around and appreciate the new for what it is, a stepping stone to something greater.

Rant finished, please enjoy the song, haha

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