Monday, June 29, 2015

Album Spotlight: Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water

New blog feature, the Album Spotlight!  This is basically an album review, but for older releases that I missed originally, wasn't born yet, or that I just didn't have a blog at the time.

Yeah, I know, Limp Bizkit sucks.  You know what though, I don't care.  This album is really good in a lot of ways, from general musicianship, to the production quality, even down to the novelty factor.

Let's start out with the guests on the album.  We've got the remix of Rollin' that's subtitled "Urban Assault Vehicle" featuring DMX, Redman, and Method Man.  When I first heard this song I flat out hated it because of the way it's slower than the usual Rollin'.  This wouldn't be an issue, but rather than retake any of Durst's lines, they just slowed them down to match what they needed which sounds really bad in a couple areas.  If you listen all the way through though you'll see that it's a great song.  The flow that the 3 rappers have is fantastic and 100% worth listening to the track for.

The other guest is Xzibit on the track Getcha Groove On.  It's a very different sound from the rest of the album and very worth hearing just for Xzibit.  I'm not familiar with his usual material yet, but he fits in this song like a glove.

Standout track wise it's got a couple really good ones.  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the song Hot Dog since it has the dubious honor of saying f*ck a total of 48 times over the course of it's play time.  It also lifted it choruses from a couple Nine Inch Nails songs, which is actually really cool.

Also you've gotta hit up the regular stuff like the singles My Way, My Generation, and Rollin'.  There may have been some others, but I'm not familiar with the popularity of anything but these two.  Both are good and catchy, but there's still other tacks that are as good or better.

Full Nelson reminds me of a Rage Against The Machine type song.  Not too much actually sounds like it, but near the end when he mentions building an empire and some of the intro guitar stuff seems a bit like it.

Livin' It Up is a driving song that is a bad song to listen to while driving because it talks about living life in the fast lane.  Maybe you aren't like me, but if a song talks about going fast I tend to drive faster.  Unfortunate face about what I do I suppose.

I straight up love the bass line in The One.  It's constant 16ths in the beginning sound really tight, and in general it's a generally enjoyable sound.  It's smooth, it's got nice musical harmonies going on, and more importantly it's clean so I can put it on my work playlist.

Hold On sounds a lot like an Alice In Chains song, so I automatically like it a lot.  The vocals are doing things that I didn't think Fred Durst was actually capable of, aka sounding good.  Seriously, give it a listen and tell me that it's not really nice.

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