Sunday, June 14, 2015

AC/DC - Highway To Hell

So you all know AC/DC, so I'm just gonna share a story about this song.

One day at work two of my managers were talking and the one said that her husband had had to drive 100 miles for a catering job the week before.  The other manager answered "Well that's one hell of a drive!"

Now here at Chick-fil-a we don't swear.  We do our best to enforce these rules and all that and as such managers are held to a very high regard.  Still though, that wasn't really a horrible thing to say.

One of the employees overheard though and since 1. they kinda had it out for the one manager and 2. were super religious and pretty sensitive to stuff like that, so they complained.  The manager had to talk with the owner and promise to not do that again.

Fast forward 3 days.

I'm listening to MY pandora account.  My personal account.

Highway To Hell is a song that I have liked on my one station cause I like it a lot and it helps seed for a lot of good songs, ya know?  Anyway a manager comes by who's friends with the dude that got in trouble and hear the song.  He comes over and dislike's the song so it never comes back on while saying "If we can't say this word we definitely can't sing it here!"  He was being sarcastic, but it still really bugs me since he messed with my station.  We'd been playing that song for a while, it was just cause somebody hd their feelings hurt that we had to stop, and that's real bs.

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