Monday, December 29, 2014


Jeff here, back again.
Soilwork  are a Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal act who've released 9 studio albums since 1998, and are in the works for another one to come out soon.
As is typical for a band with so many releases, their sound has changed quite a bit since their first, "Steelbath Suicide", in '98.  That's why I'm giving you 3 songs today, to illustrate that change.

We're starting with Bastard Chain from "A Predator's Portrait" (2001).
It's more fast-paced, and much more focused on the "Death" than the "Melodic".

Next up, the title track of "Figure Number Five" (2003)
This album was obviously different, parts of it are strongly focused on the aggression, others more on the groove (See Overload for more of the groove).This is probably the most aggressive track, it also has one of my favorite guitar solos ever.

From "Stabbing The Drama" (2005) we have Nerve.
You can see now that they have built a very different musical identity for themselves than they had had at first, being far more melodically inclined, still with the aggressive riffing, but that aspect of their sound is applied very differently.

Three links is probably enough for now, so I'll leave it here, but if you want to check out "The Living Infinite" (2013) I would definitely recommend it if you like the more melodic side of their sound.

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