Monday, December 15, 2014

Relient K - 12 Days Of Christmas

You know, yesterday talking about songs that killed my fingers reminded my of this song.  Because of this we will be starting Christmas week 3 days early!  Yay!

We played this at church last week and it's probably the most involved thing we've done yet.  The song is really easy, don't get me wrong.  Remembering all the cuts, half time moments, and accent hits on the other hand are not as much.

To make maters worse I had a blister on one of my main playing fingers from practicing this song and it made it bloody difficult to play.  Not a normal blister either, but one that was underneath my calluses.  It really sucks cause now I'm gonna have to rebuild an entire finger's worth of callus to keep playing at the same level.  That is hard and it hurts.

The song on the other hand is still really fun and worth a listen.  I enjoyed it enough to put it on my Christmas Spotify playlist, so that may or may not tell you something.

By the way, how about that cheesy header, eh?

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