Friday, December 5, 2014

Primus feat. Ozzy - N.I.B.

Edit 10-31-16

Yo, what the heck is so special about this post, it's hands down one of the more boring posts I've written, so it's not like that's the attraction.  Is it literally because it's borderline impossible to get a link of this song anywhere?  I mean I know I had a hell of a time finding it, but it can't honestly be that hard, right?

Well either way thank for swinging by.  I'd advise checking out different posts, this one is hella ghetto.


Again with the cover songs?  Yes.  Yes and for very good reason.

Primus isn't really that great of a band.  The best thing about them is Claypool, the bassist, and that's just cause he plays like a madman.  Still though, this Black Sabbath song they covered?  It's killer.

[Edit: 4-5-17  Geeze, calm down guys, I just don't care for Primus as much as you all seem to.  Chill.  I have a few of their songs that I like, I just feel they're incredibly overrated as far as the fan base goes.]

So in 2000 12 or so bands got together and made Nativity In Black Vol. II.  The first album, released in 1994, was absolutely amazing, and this album was just as good.  It helped introduce me to a bunch of Sabbath classics and songs that didn't get as much attention as they could have before.

Pardon the non-standard link, YouTube is being weird about hosting this song.

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  1. Replies
    1. My pleasure, glad you were able to find it! It's a great song.

  2. Cant find this song anywhere. Thanks for uploading. Buy what were you smokinh when you said.primus is not a great bad.dafuq?!? Their one of the best 3 peices ever

    1. To be fair I wrote this more than two years ago, I do tend to agree with your sentiment now about how they really are quite good.

  3. Is there anywhere I can buy this song so I can listen to it until my ears bleed? Because it's that awsome. Great find, thanks!

    1. Well I managed to find it on Amazon for an obscene amount of money, but it's yours if you want it!

      I'm learning that I'm apparently really lucky for having found the cd when I did, I guess they did a really limited run.

  4. Primus isn't that great of a band? The autism is strong with you. Claypool is arguably one of the best bass players to ever exist. Tim Alexander is an animal on the drums too.

  5. Thanks... They're clearly good, But I also don't exactly care for them. No need for insults.