Thursday, October 30, 2014

Marilyn Manson - Arma-goddamn-motherf**kin-geddon

So here it is, the next to last day of the week.  I'm almost bummed that this is over, cause I really have enjoyed it so far.  I'll have to do another themed week some other time, don't ya think?

I feel like I hit a lot of bands that, either you haven't heard of, or you think are "a bit tame for a so called 'week of evil'"  (people who say that probably don't read this blog anyway though.)  So just to slow things down again I'm hitting up song good old Manson.

If you don't know at least a tiny bit of trivia about this guy, I'm actually almost disappointed.  He has stirred up quite a bit of controversy through the years, and he has also managed to get in fights with basically everyone he has ever worked with.  For instance, on a tour about a year ago, he and Rob Zombie had a very public fight.  Neither of them handled it well, and it made the rest of the tour a little awkward till they patched things up.

Manson has a really interesting sound to his music.  Other than the very raw sounding vocals the music itself has a sort of stripped down sound that not too many other bands can pull off.  This song for example seems to use the guitar as an accent, rather than a song carrier.  The Beautiful People however used that atrocious sounding guitar as the main selling point.  To each their own though, ya know?

Now I don't care who you are, this guy is more than a bit of a freak.  Some pretty good music and all, and some really killer covers, but a real freak none the less.

Fun fact, Manson is an honorary minister in The Church Of Satan, but he has done nothing with this power.  Think of the PR Manson...

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