Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Title Track Tuesdays: Hollywood Undead - Day Of The Dead

Band:  Hollywood Undead
Genre:  Rap Rock

Let's get this out first, this album was trash.  I really want to like it cause I really like HU's older stuff, but it's so freaking difficult.  The songs have some promise here and there and I do enjoy a couple of the songs, but there are some that are just bad.  You want a crap level reference?  This album was released around the same time as the ICP album I reviewed a while back and there's a track on this album that sounds scarily similar to one on that.

There's a certain appeal to the material, but it really doesn't have the same edge that the older material had.  "Live Forever" is a straight up Pop Punk tune for crying out loud.

This song is ok though I suppose.  It's nowhere near my top 10 HU songs but as far as the album goes it's not terrible.  The video amuses me to death as well, which makes me like the song a little more I suppose.  I would actually love if the whole album followed this track a little closer with some of the other songs going off a bit for variety's sake, it would be a much better album in my opinion.

I'll label this as a decent title track, but not as good as the Behemoth track.

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