Friday, July 22, 2016

Project 86 - Say Goodnight to The Bad Guy

Band:  Project 86 (P86)
Genre:  Post Hardcore

My brother turned me on to P86 several years ago after we heard their song The Spy Hunter in a compilation album for some record label.  He continued to look into these guys while I continued to look into Demon Hunter, but it's all good cause we met back up later to exchange CDs after we were both obsessed.

While I'm writing this I made the mistake of listening a bunch of their other material again and I actually found a bunch of songs that I like more than this one but since they've got crazy solid bass work, but I made my choice already.  No biggie, this song has always been in my top 5 P86 songs anyway, the others just have more fun bass stuff going on.

I hope you enjoy these guys, they've got a rather unique song to them.

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