Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Title Track Tuesdays: Behemoth - The Satanist

Band:  Behemoth
Genre:  Black Metal, Blackened Death Metal
Content:  Some Blasphemy.  Ya know.

I wasn't originally going to kick off my nre Tuesday idea with something like this, but dude, it's post 666.  I've been waiting for this post to swing around for almost two years and I almost missed it like a putz.

So I'll give a quick run down of the concept here.  I'm going to post a song on Tuesdays that was the title track of an album.  It stands to reason that if you've got a track that you're naming after the album (or vise versa) that it's gonna be really good.  I'm going to judge that.  I will give you my opinion on whether it actually measures up to the hype I've assigned it or not.  It's gonna be a blast.

Ok, Behemoth.

I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but these guys were detained in Russia a few months back for being "too evil".  Like, their Russian tour was canceled due to this and they were detained by the authorities.

So this is their most recent album, The Satanist.  It had a lot of hype going into it because the vocalist, guitarist and primary songwriter of the band, Nergal, was diagnosed with leukemia.  It was really up in the air whether the band would actually continue because of this.  Well he apparently got better, because they're touring again.

So let's compare this track to the rest of the album.  I personally think it represents it quite well.  They didn't try to make in a contemplative track that stands at odds with the rest of the album, they didn't try to make it the intro to the album, they just let it be it's own song.  If you were to pick this song to try and figure out what the album sounds like, it's honestly a good bet.  I can't honestly recommend listening to the band because they're a little iffy, but my personal opinion is that this song represents the album and, just as importantly, conveys the message of the album.

Boom, first TTT done and knocked out.  Enjoy!

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