Sunday, May 8, 2016

Umphrey's McGee - In The Kitchen

Band:  Umphrey's McGee
Genre:  Progressive Rock

When I was first showed this band I really didn't care for them.  While I'm still kinda like this to a point back then I really hated songs longer than 4 minutes.  I felt like they were way too long with all their jamming stuff.  It's really good, but I really didn't have patience for it.

I'm mildly more patient now though and can enjoy this stuff like I should and it even has the added benefit of almost feeling nostalgic!  Boom, goals.

Also I'm really freaking pissed because I only just realized yesterday's post was freaking post 600!  THat's a rather large number that I'm really proud of and I missed it...  Ah well, there's always 700.

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