Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Skillet - Sometimes

Band:  Skillet
Genre:  Hard Rock

I think every kid goes through an emo phase for a small time in their life.  Maybe not a long one, but I really think that almost everybody has this happen.

I was once an emo kid.  I was in denial of it of course because I didn't know what being emo meant, I just knew I didn't want to have that label.  I was a really terrible emo kid though.  I wore only black shirts, I had some chains as bracelets and a necklace, but I wore khakis.  Yep.  Cargo khaki pants.  Hella emo.

When I was being all emo and such I felt all connected to this song.  It was all like, "Oh look at me, I'm so emo and nobody can relate to me.  Life is so hard as a mean person."  Since I was being all internalized emo kid it really spoke to me.

Now I can look back at that time and laugh, but gosh.  I was so freaking cringy.  Better now though, so there we go.

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