Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Amavasya - Guidance

Band:  Amavasya
Genre:  Technical Metal

I love knowing people in bands, it's honestly one of my favorite things.  I kinda feel like I live my dreams of being a rock star out through them, ya know?  I don't really know any of these guys well, but I know the guitarist's sister in law and brother, and the other guitarist is who I buy my tickets from.

Well these guys were the better of the two opening bands for the Whitechapel show the other day.  Ya, when I say that show was good I don't think you appreciate how much I loved it.  Ah well though, that's that.  Done till next time.

How'd the weekend go for you guys?  Also does anybody know how to remove the freaking white border from all these pictures....

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