Monday, December 7, 2015

Let's Talk: 12-7-15 (Kanye West - The Good Life)

Hey guys, how ya doing?

I would have had this live at midnight, but I had something happen which I will explain further down the post.

This last week has been a pretty intense thing for me.  A couple weeks ago I officially picked up my second job as Producer for First Alliance Church.  Basically what I do is I make the Sunday services as nice sounding and looking as I can.  I'll tell the band what needs detail work, I'll tell the tech team what sounds off, and I do what I can do dodge actually talking to people who have complaints.

It's actually loads of fun and I even get paid, but with the thing I do at EYA in addition to picking up new responsibilities at work and this second job I'm just a little overwhelmed.

Case in point, I slept from 3pm Sunday until 3am today.  I feel fantastic.

Band:  Kanye West feat. T-Pain
Genre:  Hip Hop, Rap

I picked this because I suppose the reason I'm doing so much stuff right now is because I just want to have the freedom of funds to be able to do whatever I feel like.  Granted, working in fast food and part time at a church will not grant me the funds that I personally would like to have at my disposal, but it does give me enough to let me do fun things, and that's what counts.

Yes, I get that's not really the point of the song, but I decided to go from that angle.  Sue me.

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