Thursday, August 11, 2016

Joe Cocker - Come Together

Artist:  Joe Cocker
Genre:  Blues, Soul

Something like 6 or more years ago my friend loaned me a movie called Across The Universe.  It's a movie that follows the life of a dude who comes to America and meets people and have an adventure.

It's narrated with a pile of Beatles songs that were all covered by the people acting in the movie for the movie.  It was honestly a really cool movie, I'd advise you watch it if you haven't before.

I dunno, it's a rather solid movie that had a bunch of fun songs too, right?

Speaking of fun songs this is a really cool version of this one.  It's better than Godsmack's version in my mind because this is a much more reimagined sound.  The Aerosmith and Godsmack versions both just kinda sound like a cover, where as this is more of a tribute, ya feel?

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