Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Let's Talk - 7/1/15

Well I kinda blew my biggest new thing with the tattoo post on Tattoo, but there's one thing that's happened to me recently.  Seriously, I'm starting to realize that month to month I really don't do too many things worth mentioning.

I did "Cooking With Alcohol Part 3" recently.

Part 1 was when I made a Rum Ham and I set a small pot of rum on fire.  I did manage to blow that out though.

Part 2 was Rum Ham 2.0, and no fires were set.

Part 3 was cooking with loads of wine.  Like, half a bottle of wine.  I chopped an onion and browned it, then I started cooking it with wine.  While I reduced the wine I made some rice to pour it all on to.  Once I had reduced the wine enough I put more in along with sliced mushrooms.  All of this steamed together for 5 minutes or so till I poured it on top of the rice.  It was actually really nice.

I attended my first leadership meeting yesterday as well, and I even got to vote for the next employee of the month.  I feel quite accomplished on that front.

As for the second job I mentioned last month, I do not have it yet.  Not sure when it'll happen, but it's there.

Song time.

We're gonna mention my band again this month.  We did a cover of the Beastie Boys song Sabotage, but in a Djent inspired style.

I'm really happy with it, especially with the air raid siren.  For whatever reason I'm just really happy with it.

Something to note is that on the last verse I have a couple parts that are doubled, but there is one part that I just get super sloppy sounding in the right way at 3:11.  When I say the word "switch" I don't actually have it doubled, but it sounds like it.

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