Friday, July 10, 2015

Korn - Get Up!

Korn went through a bit of a rough time in 2011 when they released a Dubstep album.  I won't say it's a horrible sounding album, but it really is a vastly different direction from their traditional sound.  On one hand change is good, but on the other hand this was right when Dubstep was being hotly contested as whether it was "real" music or not.  It still is now, but it's much more accepted.

People are still iffy about the new Korn sound (which is really different from this) but one thing that almost all Korn fans can agree on is that this album just isn't too great.


If you're a fan of Metal and Dubstep mixed then this is something you'll like.  The album is great for Dub fans that like the more vocally centered stuff with a little bit of a harsher edge.

I'm beginning to think I need some sort of early warning system for people to know whether they need headphones or whatever when they listen to this stuff.  Maybe a language warning?  Lemme know what you think, cause I'd hate to think I'm blindsiding some of you who are unfamiliar with some of the stuff I post.

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