Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rammstein - Ich Tu Dir Weh

Rammstein, gotta love that German Industrial Metal.  This is some reasonably messed up music actually, so if you just want to hear an enjoyable song just watch the main thing I posted and don't look into the subtitle link.

Now if you wish to know, the lyrics are probably about some very intense BDSM style stuff.  Not gonna lie, it almost scared me away from the song when I first looked up the lyrics.  One person though had the interesting idea that the song is about a Dentist.  Look here to see.  Got you the lyrics plus translation on this site as well if you're interested.

Fun fact about this video.  Til Lindemann the singer had a hole put in his cheek for this video.  They literally put a hole in his face to run a lightbulb through it so he could have it for live shows.  No CGI for Til's lights, he wants 'em put right in his mouth.

If you want any subtitles...

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