Sunday, April 19, 2015

This week's highlights: April Week 3 K - P

First, we're gonna talk about the show I went to on Friday night.  I went to The Agora in Cleveland to see Sabaton and Nightwish.

Let's preface this by saying that Sabaton put on a fantastic show.  They were engaging, funny, and full of energy.  Delain opened the show, and they were kinda like a watered down version of Epica, but it was ok.

Then came Sabaton singing about Tanks and stuff, and I freaking loved it.  The band was even hanging around outside during Nightwish's set to talk to anybody who wanted to say hi.  I know this cause I was so wiped out tired after 3 songs of the Nightwish set that I went out to my car to sleep till my brother came out.  Unfortunately I  have no pictures to share with you.

Nightwish mostly played songs off of their new album, and as it only came out maybe 2 weeks ago I don't know any of them.  What they did play though was spot on to the album quality.  Sabaton was really good about this as well actually, both bands kept it really tight and brought the house down.

Ok though, let's hit what you probably want to hear, which are my personal song highlights from each day.

Let's go, in letter order.

New Sleighs

Gold Digger

Step Up (I'm On It)

Nice Guys finish Last

San Ber'Dino

Candy Man

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