Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A to Z Challenge: X is for The X Factor

Apologies for anything spelled wrong or weirdly worded.  I decided to try some Finlandia today and had a little more than I had intended.

So there's only 6 albums that start with X.  2 Mushroomhead albums, one Coldplay album, 2 I don't recognize, and this.

I didn't think I knew this album, but it turns out that one of their greatest hits albums has two of the songs on it.

The Sign Of The Cross and Man On The Edge are the tracks I'm immediately familiar with, but it's Maiden.  They don't have any bad songs really, since all their stuff sounds reasonably the same.

I mean, I really like Iron Maiden, and I have not disliked anything they've put out.  I've just enjoyed some stuff more than others.

It's also got a cover song.  My Generation by The Who.

This album was without the singer Bruce Dickenson, who is basically the voice you think of with Maiden.  This album had Blaze on it, who was only around for a short period of time.  Not a fan of him personally, but it's not too bad.


  1. Iron Maiden at their best!

    Stephen Tremp
    A-Z Co-host
    X is for Xenoglossy

    1. I wouldn't call this my favorite era of Iron Maiden, but I stand by my opinion that they haven't ever put out an actual "bad" album.