Thursday, February 5, 2015

Powerwolf - Sanctified With Dynamite

"Die.  Die.  Die tonight.  Sanctified with Dynamite.  Dy. Dy. Dynamite.  Hallelujah!"

With a chorus beginning in this way you know there's no way this isn't the best music ever.

I had Powerwolf described to me as "Evil Sabaton", which really doesn't mean anything to you if you don't know who Sabaton is, but that's not the point.

Powerwolf is a Power Metal band from Germany and have been around since 2003.  Their primary themes are Werewolves and Satan.  There we go, boring facts out of the way.

I want you to watch this stuff and seriously tell me that you don't like it.  At the very least you should find it amusing, I mean they're dressed like what a bunch of Cardinals would look like if they turned Goth.

On a side note, this would be the kind of music video filmed "live", which are really fun to film, but also kinda tedious since you will hear the same song something like 10 times in a row and you have to go crazy for it each time like it's the first time.

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