Monday, February 9, 2015

Cover Week: Wormrot - Rich

You know what's a great song to open the cover week with?  One that doesn't sound anything like the original at all.  I would usually say that's a good thing, make it your own and all, but in this case I wouldn't even know the song had been a cover unless somebody told me outright.

Wormrot is a Grind band, and their stuff is....  Grind-y.

You probably will hate them, but that's ok, cause it's just a fun little cover to have an amusing opening to the week.

The thing about Grind is that it's good live, but not really as good to just sit and listen to.

Another thing about Grind is that it is the music people think of when they think of "Heavy Metal" music.  It's used in shows and movies all the time actually, which is mildly ironic since that alone makes it more popular then it has any right being.

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